Weekly Bulletin


The United Methodist Churches of Cresco and Zion
  September 29, 2019
Pastor Kayla Lange-Carney
Zion Service - Sunday 10:00 A.M. 

Prelude- Zion - Gaye Pederson
Welcome/Announcements- Please pass the friendship pads.

Call to Worship
L: In your wisdom, O God, you call us here to worship you.
P: We gather, alive to the Word of God.
L: You call us to be fully alive with your life abundant, ready to listen
and respond with heart, soul, strength, and mind.
P: We listen, alive to the Word of God.
L: You call us to be always watchful for your Word of wisdom, sometimes
startling and unexpected, sometimes still and quiet, but always dwelling
among us.
P: We watch and wait for the Word of God.

Opening Prayer
Holy God, you reach out in love through Jesus Christ to save us so that
we may live as faithful servants of you alone. Unchain us from our
desire for wealth and power so that we may, in turn, release others
from the prisons of poverty, hunger, and oppression. Amen.

Hymn #110 - “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”

Responsive Reading: Psalm 91:1-4 #810

Preparing to Pray-/Lord’s Prayer - TFWS #2193 “Lord, Listen to Your
Children Praying”

Scripture: Jeremiah 32:1-3, 6-15

Children’s Sermon

Scripture: Luke 16: 19-31

Message “Even the Dogs Have Compassion”

Prayer of Confession
Lord God, we have given more weight to our successes and our
happiness than to your will. We have eaten without a thought for
the hungry. We have spoken without an effort to understand
others. We have kept silence instead of telling the truth. We have
judged others, forgetful that you alone are the Judge. We have
acted rather in accordance with our opinions than according to
your commands. Within your church we have been slow to
practice love of our neighbors. And in the world we have not been
your faithful servants. Forgive us and help us to live as disciples of
Jesus Christ, your son, our Savior. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon
L: Hear these comforting words: If you repent and believe in God’s
redeeming mercy, your sins are forgiven. Trust in God’s promises
and begin anew your life with God and all people in the name of
Jesus Christ, you are forgiven!
P: In the name of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven. Glory to God!

Hymn # 436 - “The Voice of God is Calling”

Sharing of our Tithes, Gifts and Offerings
“The Doxology”-Hymn#95

Hymn: #434 - “When the Poor Ones” ( vs 1 & 2)



✞ Today, Sunday, September 29 - Please stay for refreshments
following our service!
✞ Tuesday, October 1 - Days for Girls Sewing Day, 9:30 A.M.
to 3:30 P.M.
✞ Wednesday, October 2 -Bible Study - 9:15 A.M.
Choir - 6:30 P.M.
Swiss Steak Dinner Committee-7:30 P.M., West Room
Confirmation - 7:30 P.M
✞ Saturday, October 5 - 5:00 P.M. Worship w/communion
✞ Sunday, October 6 - Worship w/communion
10 A.M to 1 P.M. First Lutheran Church will be hosting a
fall dinner with meatballs, potatoes. Silent Auction and
youth selling lefse.

Looking Ahead:
✞ Wednesday, October 9 - 9:15 Bible Study
Choir - 6:30 P.M.
Confirmation - 7:30 P.M.
✞ Thursday, October 10 - Ministerial Meeting
✞ Friday, October 11 - 9:15 Bible Study and Communion at
Evans. 10:15 Bible Study and Communion at Assisted
✞ Saturday, October 12 - 5:00 P.M. Worship
✞ Meals on Wheels sign up sheet is at the back of the
sanctuary. Thank you in advance for your help with
this important mission.
✞ There are sign up sheets at the back for lighting candles
and serving treats for fellowship.
✞ The church’s YouTube channel can be accessed at
0gmbhozc5BSjcyljg or by searching for CrescoUMC on
✞ The church’s email address is crescoumc@gmail.com
and the church secretary’s email address is
✞ The NE District’s website, NED, is
northeast.iaumc.org/weeklyonwednesday. Click on
the date you want.
✞ Have a Great Day and a Great Week!!