Weekly Bulletin

 The United Methodist Churches of Cresco and Zion
  January 20, 2019
Pastor Kayla Lange-Carney
Cresco Church Service - Saturday 5:00 P.M. 
Zion Service - Sunday 8:30 A.M. 
First Church Service - Sunday at 10:00 A.M.

Prelude—Zion—Gaye Pedersen
               Cresco—Melodee Balk
Worship Leader—Travis Klimesh

Welcome/Announcements-Please pass the friendship pads.

*Call to Worship
L: No matter how far we wander from you, O God,
P: your steadfast love finds us.
L: No matter how unjust the world seems to us, O God,
P: your steadfast righteousness sustains us.
L: No matter how vulnerable our lives seem to us, O God,
P: your steadfast presence gives us hope.
L: No matter how unloved and uncared for we feel, O God,
P: you hear our cries and answer our prayers.

*Opening Prayer
O God of steadfast love, at the wedding in Cana, your Son Jesus turned water into wine, delighting all who were there.  Transform our hearts by your Spirit, that we may use our varied gifts to show forth the light of your love as one body in Christ.  Amen.

Responsive Reading # 771—Psalm 36:5-10
Sing the Response once before and after the reading.

Mission MomentHuman Relations Day—Pat Joiner

*Hymn #400— “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”
 Prayers of the People
The Sharing of Our Joys and Concerns
Preparing to Pray-TFWS #2193—“Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying"
The Pastoral Prayer                
     The Lord’s Prayer

ScriptureI Corinthians 12:1-11

Children’s Message

Scripture—John 2:1-11
L: This is the word of the Lord.
P: Thanks be to God.


Prayer of Confession
God of our salvation, we know the faults we try to hide from you and others.  We have not cared for all people in the same way.  We do think some are more gifted, or better, or prettier.  We are more willing to rejoice with someone than to suffer with another.  We are not sure the prisoners should be set free or the poor given hope.  Redeemer of all people, forgive us.  Anoint us with your Spirit’s power so our eyes might be opened and our ears freed to listen to what Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, teaches us about your love and grace for our lives.

Assurance of Pardon
L: Hear the good news!  God’s spirit is upon us: the Spirit of forgiveness, the Spirit of grace, the Spirit of oneness.  Today, and all the day to come, God’s Spirit is with us.  Know that you are forgiven and be at peace
P: Thanks be to the one who is our joy and our strength  Amen.
Hymn #553— “And Are We Yet Alive”

The Sharing of our Tithes, Gifts and Offerings
    * “The Doxology”—Hymn #95
*Hymn #140— “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” (verses 1 and 3) 


*Response—Cresco- “The Blessing”
           Zion– Hymn #557”- “Blest Be the Tie” (vs. 1)


V Sunday, January 20 (today)
          All church meeting (Zion and First Church)—listen to views that we have on the subject of homosexuality in the Methodist Church-11:00 A.M.
V Monday, January 21
          Items for the February newsletter are due in the office.
V Tuesday, January 22
          Hope Team meeting-7:00 P.M. in East Room
V Wednesday, January 23
         Bible study-9:15 A.M.
         Choir-6:30 P.M.
         Confirmation –7:30 P.M.
V Thursday, January 24
         PPRC meeting-6:30 P.M.
V Saturday, January 26
         Saturday worship-5:00 P.M.
V The church is in need of a Youth Group Leader(s) and a 3-day Vacation Bible School Coordinator.  Maybe you would like to do one by yourself or with your spouse or friend.  Please talk to Pastor with questions or your willingness to help. 
V We still have 2 pianos to give away.  They are free, but it is your responsibility to move it.  Talk to Melodee if you are interested.
V Crestwood High School Choir Boosters’ Omelet Breakfast will be Sunday, February 3rd in the high school cafeteria from 8:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.  The cost is $6.00
V There are sign up sheets at the back for lighting candles and serving treats for fellowship.
V The church’s YouTube channel can be accessed at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyx_TT0gmbhozc5BSjcyljg or by searching for Cresco UMC YouTube.
V The church’s email address is crescoumc@gmail.com and the church secretary’s email address is umc@outlook.com.
V The NE District Weekly on Wednesday’s website is
       northeast.iaumc.org/weeklyonwednesday. Click on the
      date you want.
V Have a great day and a great week!