Pastor's Welcome Message

Welcome to Cresco and Zion United Methodist Church. All people are welcomed with warmth and grace to come and worship the Lord together. We serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and live each day loving others just as Christ Loves us! We look forward to your visit and if there is any questions or a need, feel free to contact us by email or phone. 

We are all part of God’s kingdom together in this world, as we live out Christ’s love in our own lives and in the community in which we live. The church is of today. God calls us to act and believe now, not in the future nor in the past, but today. 

I pray that your visit to this site is one of blessing and joy, and that you might feel and know that you are loved! 

With Grace and Peace, 
Pastor Kayla Lange-Carney

Cresco United Methodist Church
"To know Christ and to make Him known."