April 1, 2015

Pastor's Easter Message

I saw a poignant picture the other day.  An emergency doctor had failed to save a young patient who had been brought into his ER.  I imagine he tried everything he knew.  The picture is of the doctor in the parking lot of the hospital on his knees weeping because he had failed.  It is a moving, gripping picture of human mortality in the face of death.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose but ultimately, death always wins.  Death claims us eventually.  All we can do is postpone the inevitable.

That is what makes Easter such a huge event.  Jesus arose from the dead.  Jesus was not just resuscitated,  He beat death.  He came back from the dead and this time He was not just delaying the inevitable.  This time He came back for good.  Death is a beaten foe.  Jesus is the victor.  Because He lives, we will live as well.  His gift to us is eternal life.

When Jesus raise Lazerus from the dead, that was short term; that was a resuscitation.  We are the people of the resurrection.  Death is now what is temporary.  This life is precious and I admire that doctor who felt what he thought of as his failure so deeply.  The truth that sets us all free is that Jesus came to bring us life, eternal life.  May you know and experience that life this Easter season. 

Pastor Mike Carey