December 24, 2014

Wonder of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderous time of year. The whole celebration is filled with mystery, miracle and wonder. The archangel appearing to Mary as a mysterious creature that fills Mary with wonder but her response is one of obedience. Joseph is spoke to in dreams, not once but four times. And he obeys the word of God through dreams each time. Again, this is the stuff of mystery and miracle.

Angels make the pronouncement to shepherds in the middle of the night. They stumble around in the dark but find their way to the holy family and are the first to worship the Christ. Strangers with gifts appear and worship as well, led by strange cosmological events that motivate them to travel hundreds of dangerous miles to witness and worship the new king. Prophets Simeon and Anna will proclaim days later in the Temple that this is the Christ. How did they know? It was the voice of God whispering in their ears.

The very definition of Christmas for me is wonder, mystery and miracle. The Eternal Word takes on human flesh and has come to dwell among us. That is why we call Him Immanual. God is with us.

But you do not have to wait for Christmas to know and embrace that truth. God is with you, right now and the Almighty will always be with you because the love God has for you transcends all reason. Go into Christmas embracing that truth: God is with you because you are loved. That is the meaning of Christmas.

Have a blessed and safe holiday season.

Pastor Mike